Friday, February 22, 2019

Switchword Healing | Switchword Water

Switchwords are English Mantras , One Word Affirmation which work directly with the
Subconcious mind and bring magical results .

More miracle is when you energise switchword water for various healing purposes.

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Tarot Card Reading | Certified Courses

Tarot is called The Mirror of the Soul. It is an ancient divinatory art which uses 78 archetypal cards to represent past, present and future situations in a person's life. To learn how to read the cards is to learn how to understand life on an archetypal level. A typical reading of the cards mirrors our past decisions, validates our present situation, and projects a probable future for your consideration.
A Tarot perusing is similar to a depiction of what your life looks like at the time of the reading. The cards tune into your vitality - the individual posing the question - to provide for you a picture of unseen impacts,struggles, strengths, and qualities. A reading can provide for you a thought of where you are presently, where you've originated from, where you need to be, and how to get there.
This study is specially used in cases of confusion like for knowing about career, marriage or business. When a person is in a delusion he can use tarot reading to take a decision.

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Reiki First Degree Course In Delhi

Level 1 of Reiki is first step to enter the world of positivity and connecting with Divine Power.
At Level 1, you get initiated into positive energy by Reiki Grandmaster and feel that energy in your hands and palms. Level one is all about touch healing for self and others. it is start of cleansing process of your chakras and balancing chakras and cleaning the negativity which you have gathered over the time.
After Level one attunement and during practice and healing self, one can easily feel relaxed, stress free, out of depression, clarity of thoughts. Since Every Individual is different hence sensing and feeling the energy for them will also differ. Some might feel warm, air, coolness during the healing, some might feel sleepy, some might feel changes in sleep patters and other changes but all for positive outcome.


  • History and story of Reiki
  • History and story of Reiki
  • Dr. Mikao Usui and Story
  • Om Meditation
  • Preparing for attunement
  • Attunment Ceremony
  • Self Healing Process
  • Aura Cleansing Process
  • Others healing
  • Code of Ethics for Healers
  • Protection of Self Energies
  • Things to Do and Dont`s
  • 21 Days Daily Healing Process and Its Importance
  • Certificate Award Ceremony

Class Duration 4 Hours One Day

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Reiki Healing Courses

We all are born with same power, universe assigns everyone ability to heal self, all that matters is will and efforts.
Once you decide to improve your life, angels start helping you towards positivity
Reiki is powerful healing technique which flows from your hand when you are attuned by Reiki Grandmaster and brings you incredible ability to heal.
Guidance for your life decesions also available via various pyschic tools of making predictions, remedies, solutions etc.
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Love and Light
Monica Agrawal
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Love Spells - money spells - health spells

#Powerful Spells Created for.Clients for Healing Deep Health Issues Concerns. Along with This Reiki Sessions were integrated to give instant relief.

#Another Spell Created to Attract Soulmate for.a client and results were amazing.

Another one is Protection Spell.

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Angel Therapy Courses - Archangel Figures

Archangels are considered to very powerful Spiritual Beings. Healing Powers of Archangel Michael.

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Who are Angels - Angel Therapy Course in Delhi